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 Payment Date Yearly Member Full Name 3 Year Member Full Name School School Yearly 3 Year Billing Name Net proceeds after Stripe Fee
September 21, 2023Brian MillsMississippi State University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Brian Mills$72.53
September 21, 2023GwanSeon KimArkansas State UniversityFaculty ($30.00)GwanSeon Kim$28.83
September 20, 2023Prabodh IllukpitiyaTennessee State UniversityFaculty ($30.00)Prabodh Illukpitiya$28.83
September 20, 2023Sanchita ChakrovortyUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Sanchita Chakrovorty$9.41
September 20, 2023Doc Lap TranTennessee State University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Doc Lap Tran$72.53
September 19, 2023Mohammad Ismile HossainUniversity of ArkansasStudent ($10.00)Mohammad Ismile Hossain$9.41
September 19, 2023Yingxin TanPurdue UniversityStudent ($10.00)Yingxin Tan$9.41
September 19, 2023Yongxia(Amanda) TianKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Yongxia Tian$9.41
September 16, 2023Leonard-Allen QuayeVirginia TechStudent ($10.00)Leonard-Allen Quaye$9.41
September 15, 2023Hannah HawkinsTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)Hannah Hawkins$9.41
September 15, 2023James Chen SamarooTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)James Samaroo$9.41
September 15, 2023Vardges HovhannisyanUniversity of WyomingFaculty ($30.00)Vardges Hovhannisyan$28.83
September 15, 2023Prachi JhambUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)PRACHI JHAMB$9.41
September 15, 2023Ikeoluwa AregbeUniversity of FloridaStudent ($10.00)Ikeoluwa Aregbe$9.41
September 15, 2023Mateus de Carvalho Reis NevesUniversidade Federal de Viçosa - MG, BrazilFaculty ($30.00)Mateus de Carvalho Neves$28.83
September 15, 2023Kuhelika GhoshUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Kuhelika Ghosh$9.41
September 15, 2023Susan PaudelUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Mounata Dahal$9.41
September 15, 2023Madison PriceUniversity of ArkansasStudent ($10.00)Jennie Popp$38.54
September 15, 2023Jennie PoppUniversity of ArkansasFaculty ($30.00)Jennie Popp$38.54
September 15, 2023Matthew Miguel MelchorKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Matthew Melchor$9.41
September 15, 2023Sheikh Jafar EmranUniversity of FloridaStudent ($10.00)Sheikh Emran$9.41
September 15, 2023A.Malek HammamiUniversity of Florida-Gulf Coast Research And Education CenterFaculty ($30.00)AbdelMalek Hammami$28.83
September 15, 2023Chanho SohnChonnam National UniversityStudent ($10.00)Chanho Sohn$9.41
September 15, 2023Aashma TiwariUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Aashma Tiwari$9.41
September 15, 2023Bayarbat BadarchUniversity of ArkansasFaculty ($30.00)Tonya R Foster$57.96
September 15, 2023Michael PoppUniversity of ArkansasFaculty ($30.00)Tonya R Foster$57.96
September 15, 2023Ashutosh PoudelUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Ashutosh Poudel$9.41
September 15, 2023Vitalis Omondi OthuonUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Vitalis Othuon$9.41
September 15, 2023Yang ChengVirginia TechStudent ($10.00)Yang Cheng$9.41
September 15, 2023Walker Bradley DavisUniversity of ArkansasStudent ($10.00)Walker Davis$9.41
September 15, 2023Suhwan LeeUniversity of MissouriStudent ($10.00)Suhwan Lee$9.41
September 15, 2023Riza RadmehrOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Riza Radmehr$9.41
September 15, 2023Yifei ZhangNorth Carolina State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Yifei Zhang$9.41
September 15, 2023Gianfranco GiulioniUniversity of Chieti-Pescara, ItalyFaculty ($30.00)Gianfranco Giulioni$28.83
September 15, 2023Nilufer CetikArizona State University Morrison School of AgribusinessStudent ($10.00)Nilufer Cetik$9.41
September 14, 2023Hyun Ju ParkKorea UniversityStudent ($10.00)Hyunju Park$9.41
September 14, 2023Sujin OhKorea University, Seoul, Republic of KoreaStudent ($10.00)Sujin Oh$9.41
September 14, 2023lucia Ona RualesAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeFaculty ($30.00)Lucia Ona Ruales$28.83
September 14, 2023Eden LambertTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)Eden Lambert$9.41
September 14, 2023Alexis GhormleyTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)Alexis Ghormley$9.41
September 14, 2023Swaty KajariaUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Swaty Kajaria$9.41
September 14, 2023Lingxiao WangTexas A&MFaculty ($30.00)Lingxiao Wang$28.83
September 14, 2023Dongso LeeUniversity of FloridaStudent ($10.00)Dongso Lee$9.41
September 14, 2023Shaharia Jaman BhuiyanLouisiana State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Shaharia Jaman Bhuiyan$9.41
September 14, 2023Ryan FeuzUtah State UniversityFaculty ($30.00)Ryan Feuz$28.83
September 14, 2023Katherine WelchOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Katherine Welch$9.41
September 14, 2023Abdelaziz LawaniTennessee State UniversityFaculty ($30.00)Abdelaziz Lawani$28.83
September 14, 2023Anil BanstolaUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Anil Banstola$9.41
September 13, 2023Tais Cristina de MenezesColorado State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Tais de Menezes$9.41
September 13, 2023Angela JungbluthOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Angela Jungbluth$9.41
September 13, 2023Ephraim Dibue MuyomboOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Ephraim Muyombo$9.41
September 13, 2023Junhua HuangTexas A&M universityStudent ($10.00)JUNHUA HUANG$9.41
September 13, 2023Raymond ThomasKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Raymond Thomas$9.41
September 13, 2023Rui LiuTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)Rui Liu$9.41
September 13, 2023Katy DoumitKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Katy Doumit$9.41
September 13, 2023Elizabeth ThilmanyUniversity of Maryland - Ag and Resource EconomicsStudent ($10.00)Elizabeth Thilmany$9.41
September 13, 2023Elias AddomAuburn UniversityStudent ($10.00)Elias Addom$9.41
September 13, 2023Iretiayo Rebecca AkinjoLouisiana State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Maria Bampasidou$9.41
September 13, 2023Professor Ryan LoyUniversity Of Arkansas Department Of AgricultureIndividual ($30.00)Marcia Smith$28.83
September 13, 2023Susana FerreiraUniversity of Georgia3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Susana Ferreira$72.53
September 13, 2023Nandini DasVirginia TechStudent ($10.00)Nandini Das$9.41
September 12, 2023Mounata DahalUniversity of GeorgiaStudent ($10.00)Mounata Dahal$9.41
September 12, 2023Xingguo WangTexas A&M UniversityStudent ($10.00)Xingguo Wang$9.41
September 12, 2023Xudong RaoTexas A&M UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Xudong Rao$28.83
September 11, 2023Chujie LiuHuazhong Agricultural UniversityStudent ($10.00)Chujie Liu$9.41
September 11, 2023Yuyuan CheTexas Tech University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Yuyuan Che$72.53
September 11, 2023Kaleem Azmat ChatthaUniversity of ArkansasStudent ($10.00)Kaleem Azmat Chattha$9.41
September 11, 2023Damilola Stephen AdebayoLouisiana State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Damilola Adebayo$9.41
September 11, 2023Colton Tuff JohnsonOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Colton Johnson$9.41
September 11, 2023Halle RoperOklahoma State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Halle Roper$9.41
September 11, 2023Kumar BoalkheUniversity of TennesseeStudent ($10.00)Kumar Boalkhe$9.41
September 11, 2023Man-Keun KimUtah State UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Lorie Staples$28.83
September 11, 2023Eliyasu Yahaya OsmanKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Eliyasu Osman$9.41
September 11, 2023Daye KwonMichigan State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Daye Kwon$9.41
September 11, 2023Genti KostandiniUniversity of GeorgiaIndividual ($30.00)Genti Kostandini$28.83
September 8, 2023Eugene OkuMississippi State University/ Agricultural EconomicsStudent ($10.00)Frances Walker$19.12
September 8, 2023Sabina RegmiMississippi State University/ Agricultural EconomicsStudent ($10.00)Frances Walker$19.12
September 8, 2023Michael DelibertoLouisiana State University Agricultural CenterIndividual ($30.00)Michael Deliberto$28.83
September 8, 2023Daniel R. PetroliaMississippi State UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Frances Walker$28.83
September 8, 2023Valerie KildersPurdue UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Valerie Kilders$28.83
September 8, 2023Andrew John LeidnerCDCIndividual ($30.00)Andrew Leidner$28.83
September 7, 2023Peter WuiUniversity of Arkansas Pine BluffIndividual ($30.00)Peter Wui$28.83
September 7, 2023Jillian GilchristTexas A&M UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Jillian Gilchrist$28.83
September 7, 2023Brittany ColeUniversity of Tennessee at MartinIndividual ($30.00)Brittany Cole$28.83
September 7, 2023Andrew CrockerTexas Tech University School of Veterinary MedicineStudent ($10.00)Andrew Crocker$9.41
September 7, 2023Ariel SingermanUniversity of FloridaIndividual ($30.00)Ariel Singerman$28.83
September 7, 2023Cesar L EscalanteUniversity of Georgia3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Cesar Escalante$72.53
September 6, 2023Jose Carlo Ordóñez CruzZamorano UniversityStudent ($10.00)Jose Carlo Ordóñez$9.41
September 6, 2023Sunghwi WooUniversity of MissouriStudent ($10.00)Sunghwi Woo$9.41
September 3, 2023Miah PormonClemson University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Marzieh Motallebi$145.35
September 3, 2023Joan UretaClemson University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00Marzieh Motallebi$145.35
September 1, 2023Matt ShekelsCollege of the OzarksIndividual ($30.00)Matthew Shekels$28.83
September 1, 2023Xi HeVirginia TechIndividual ($30.00)Stephanie Hedrick$28.83
August 29, 2023Justin BinaKansas State UniversityStudent ($10.00)Justin Bina$9.41
August 23, 2023Jennifer FriedelVirginia TechIndividual ($30.00)Stephanie Hedrick$28.83
August 23, 2023Binod KhanalPrairie View A&M UniversityIndividual ($30.00)Binod Khanal$28.83
August 20, 2023John N. Ng'ombeNorth Carolina A&T State University3 Year Membership, Qty: 1, Price: $75.00John Ngombe$72.53
August 20, 2023FNU GeetanjaliUniversity of Georgia, AthensStudent ($10.00)FNU Geetanjali$9.41
August 13, 2023Yetian CaiUniversity of FloridaStudent ($10.00)Yetian Cai$9.41
August 2, 2023Hannah BakerUniversity of Florida/IFAS ExtensionIndividual ($30.00)Hannah Baker$28.83
July 26, 2023Jeff MullenUniversity of GeorgiaIndividual ($30.00)Jeffrey Mullen$28.83
 Payment Date Yearly Member Full Name 3 Year Member Full Name School School Yearly 3 Year Billing Name Net proceeds after Stripe Fee
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