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“The purposes and objectives of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association shall be to foster the study and understanding of agricultural economics and its applications to problems in the Southern United States; to promote unity and effectiveness of effort among all concerned with those problems; to promote improvement in the professional competence and standards of members; to cooperate with other organizations and institutions engaged in similar or related activities; and to increase the contribution of agricultural economics to human welfare.”

Useful Contacts

Nathan Smith

Phone: (803)788-5700

Jeff Jordan

Phone: (770)228-7230


Much of the important work the SAEA performs is done by the committees listed below. The SAEA Executive Committee on behalf of SAEA members would like to thank everyone serving on these committees. If you are interested in serving on one of our committees, please contact Marco Palma at mapalma@tamu.edu.

Selected Papers Committee: Mallory Vestal, West Texas A&M University (2024), Kellie Raper, Oklahoma State University (2025), Elizabeth Canales, Mississippi State University (2026).

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee: Barry Barnett, University of Kentucky (2024).

SAEA Outstanding Extension Program Award Committee: Adam Rabinowitz, Auburn University (2024).

SAEA Outstanding Teaching of a Course Award Committee: Anastasia Thayer Hassett, Clemson University (2024), John Michael Riley (2025).

Master’s Thesis Award Committee: Maria Bampasidou, Louisiana State University (2024).

Ph.D. Dissertation Award Committee: Eunchun Park, University of Arkansas (2024).

Poster Committee: Daniel Solís, Florida A&M University (2024).

Undergraduate Committee: Dusty Menzies, Texas A&M University; Jerrod Penn, Louisiana State University; Aaron Shew, Arkansas State University.

3MT Thesis Committee: Xuqi Chen, University of Tennessee (Chair); Kalyn Coatney, Mississippi State University; Yangxuan Liu, University of Georgia.

Ph.D. Job Market Paper Competition Committee: (Ad Hoc chair, President, SAEA); Darrel Bosch, Virginia Tech; Ruiqing Miao, Auburn University; Zhifeng Gao, University of Florida.

Industry Committee: Basanta Dhungana, Agilent Technology (Chair); Irfan Tareen, Center; Laxmi Paudel, Fannie Mae

JAAE Editorial Team: Editors Carlos Carpio (Texas Tech), Olga Isengildina-Massa (Virginia Tech), and Dave Willis (Clemson).

JAAE Editorial Council: Kathryn Boys, North Carolina State University; Alba Collart, Mississippi State University; Eleonora Davalos, EAFIT University, Colombia; Mariah Ehmke, University of Wyoming; Julieta Frank, University of Manitoba, Canada; David Hughes, University of Tennessee- Knoxville; Scott Irwin, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Songqing Jin, Michigan State University; Berna Karali, University of Georgia; Nigel Key, USDA – Economic Research Service; Catherine Larochelle, Virginia Tech; Jeff Luckstead, Washington State University; Fabio Mattos, University of Nebraska; Samerandu Mohanty, International Potato Center, Vietnam; David Ortega, Michigan State University; Daniel Solis, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University; Waleerat Suphannachart, Kasetsart University (Thailand); Edgar Twine, Africa Rice Center, Ivory Coast; Michael Vassallos, Clemson University; Alcido Elenor Wander, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Brazil; David Wupper, Humboldt University (Germany); Wei Zhang, Virginia Tech

Nominating Committee: Past-President Rodney Holcomb, Oklahoma State University; President Marco Palma, Texas A&M University, President-Elect John Anderson, University of Arkansas.

Social Planner for 2024 Meetings: Jeff Jordan, University of Georgia.

IT/AV Committee for 2024 Meetings: Kellie Raper, Oklahoma State University, Elizabeth Canales, Mississippi State University.

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